The Inspiration for Our Paleo Coconut Cranberry Cookies

coconut cranberry cookies gluten free and paleo

My very first attempt at my own Paleo cookie recipe was the cranberry coconut chocolate chip cookie. The inspiration for this cookie came from a bakery in which I worked at the time.

The Sparrow Bakery here in Bend, Oregon is a local institution. They feature an amazing menu of classic French pastries as well as their signature Ocean Rolls. The Ocean Roll is truly unique. It starts with traditional croissant dough, which they make in their bread shop, and then it's sprinkled with cardamom and vanilla sugar. It's then...

Paleo Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

paleo cookies made from pumpkin

This post is a bit of a tease. The last couple months have been spent focusing more on the business side of Gourmet Paleo, and less on trying to get new recipes out. For that reason, we haven't yet released a Fall seasonal cookie. Given that it's almost Thanksgiving, we'll probably have to wait until next year to release our Paleo pumpkin cookies.

Some Interesting Info On Pumpkin

While pumpkin has strong ties to Fall and Thanksgiving in particular (think pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, even pumpkin gelato), we often overlook the fact that...

An Bit About Each of Our Paleo Cookies

gourmet paleo chocolate chip cookies

I thought I would throw together a quick post describing each of our paleo cookies in detail as well as offering up some tasty information on upcoming products. Currently we have a total of 3 flavors that we sell on our website. Each is available as a 12-pack, 6-pack, or in variety packs of 6 or 12. And now...

A Bit of Background

I love treats....

From Neanderthal to Paleo

gourmet paleo cookies with almond milkBuilding a business can be a lot of fun.  The road to starting Gourmet Paleo has been no exception.  In addition informing customers of current events, new products, and Paleo diet information, I hope to use this blog as a way to share some of the random, and hopefully interesting, stories that have lead us to where we are.  

Bend, Oregon, where my wife and I live, is an extremely well-educated town when it comes to all things nutrition, diet, and exercise.  It seems...