From Neanderthal to Paleo

gourmet paleo cookies with almond milkBuilding a business can be a lot of fun.  The road to starting Gourmet Paleo has been no exception.  In addition informing customers of current events, new products, and Paleo diet information, I hope to use this blog as a way to share some of the random, and hopefully interesting, stories that have lead us to where we are.  

Bend, Oregon, where my wife and I live, is an extremely well-educated town when it comes to all things nutrition, diet, and exercise.  It seems everyone you meet is into skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, CrossFit, or all of the above.  It is also rare to encounter someone who doesn’t at least know about the Paleo diet.


In the course of developing the recipes for Gourmet Paleo, I have handed out A LOT of  Paleo cookies.  Friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even random people off the street have, at one point or another, been taste testers.  Some were Paleo, others were not.

Some of the first to try my creations were our neighbors across the street.  They are a young couple with two little children.  Their oldest is a two year old boy who at a very early age has developed a passion for raking.  In itself this would be entertaining enough, as he insists on using a full-sized rake that is 3 times his size.  But it is also his strong preference to rake in the nude.  He’s a fair-skinned child, and stands out in stark contrast to the bright summer colors of the surrounding yard.  He is extremely diligent and no doubt invaluable to ensuring the landscaping is kept in good order.

They are not a Paleo family, but my goal from the start has been to produce baked goods that are delicious whether you’re Paleo or not.


One day while driving around with a bunch of cookies in my car, I happened to spot these same neighbors on a walk.  Lacking the patience to wait for a more appropriate moment, I stopped in the median of the road, jumped out, and offered them some cookies to try.  In an extremely brief conversation I explained they were grain free Paleo cookies, then jumped back in the car and drove off.

After returning from wherever it was I had gone, my neighbor approached me to give me some feedback.  He said in all seriousness that it was a truly exceptional neanderthal cookie, possibly the best he had ever had, and inquired as to how and why I had learned to make them.

I thanked him for his input.

Neanderthal cookie?  Surely that’s an image that will sell. Right?

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